To Freelance or Not to Freelance...

... That is the question.

It's been a question I struggled with recently, as a job opportunity popped up that seemed perfect for me. It was one of those job descriptions where you read it, and it reads exactly like you're resume. It was with a well-respected company that I've wanted to work at for a very long time. They have a reputation of doing amazing work, as well as be a fun and interesting place to work. After my second interview I was excited about the possibility of working there and giving up the grind of freelancing.

One of the stipulations they talked to me about during my interviews there was giving up freelancing to work there, as my time would be limited in doing both and there is also some legal oddities that come with dealing with code written in my freelance life that I use in my full-time position, or vise-versa. I was open to the idea of giving up my current client base for a stable, full-time job, but it was a situation I was struggling with a little bit.

In the end, all my worrying was for nothing since the job didn't pan out, and now it's back to my freelance life. I spent a day or so being kind of upset, like this "full-time" job that I never even had was yanked out from underneath me. But I got over those feelings pretty quickly, really. This was the only company in Peoria that I'd consider taking a full-time position with, and now that the opportunity has passed, I can re-focus on my freelance career and make this work. In fact, now I'm forced to.

I'm seeing new opportunities in my freelance world pop-up constantly now, and seeing my career with new eyes and new energy. I chose this path for a reason, and I'm going to make the most of it while I'm doing it.

In addition, anther opportunity has popped up which I am even more excited about than the full-time gig. I'll be a writer for a popular tech blog! It's a paid position, but even more valuable than the pay is the exposure I'll get by writing for a high-traffic and highly respected site about some of my favorite products in the world. The gears are turning slowly in getting my contract and getting me accepted into the position, but I am quite confident that this will work out and I am quite sure I'll enjoy writing for site and the exposure that comes along with it. I think I'll be able to turn that exposure into some income/exposure for my other projects, and I'm excited about the possibilities there.

Anyway, I'm going to be tight-lipped about the specific details until they work themselves out and my contract is signed, but it's just another example of how life doesn't always turn out like you think it will, but it does work out for the best in most cases. I'm excited for the future in my life and my career. Life has never rocked more than it's rockin' right now.

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