Freelancing Resolutions.

I already made my personal resolutions, but I can't leave out the professional ones.

  1. Get better at managing my finances. I know what I need to do, but I need to actually do it. I need an accountant, file my receipts, get a better system for managing my invoices and payments. And I need a good system to track the mileage which is tax deductable.

  2. Get more local business. I'm proud of the fact that I work for people all over the country and all over the globe, but I think I'll be happier working for more local business.

  3. Develop a better business plan. From the very beginning, I had a really good idea in mind about what my strategy should be. I had a good strategy and I haven't followed through because I've spent so much time doing custom work for individual people. But as I've heard many times, you don't make a ton of money developing 1 product per customer, the real money is in developing 1 product that can be sold hundreds or thousands of times.

  4. Do more creative ventures. I'm a creative guy, an artist and designer. And yet, much of my work week is spent pounding out PHP code and interfacing with mySQL databases. I want to focus more on illustration work, but I don't totally know where to start there, and its hard to give up paying work in search of creative ventures. But this year, somehow, I will be paid for something artistic.

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