Friday night was

Friday night was Kouri's night, as per usual, but the regular "group" of me and Polk keeps changing. My theory is that people want to hang out with a national celebrity like myself. This week, it was me, Polk, Dayv, Jenny, Alan, and Brandon. After Kouri's, we went out to a party in Princeville where everyone played video games. Me, Jenny, and Dayv just sat by ourselves and talked and wondered why we had driven all that way to not talk to anyone else.

Saturday was a small cook out here at my house. Nothing too eventful.

Yesterday was Father's Day. I went out to lunch with my family, including Jack, the cutest little nephew in all the world. Man, that kid is cute, cute, cute. He knows a couple of 2 word sentences now, and is getting really good at knowing who I am. When I walked in to the restaurant, he looked right at me, smiled, pointed, and yelled "Ti!". He's not so good at the "M" sound. I went out to my parents' house to help them a bit out there, then to my sister's new house to help a bit out there. I wasn't home for long when I got the call inviting me to Mr. Jim's birthday bash. We ate at Schooners, then dropped of Dayv. Jim, Polk and I headed down to Big Al's and enjoyed cheap $2.75 beer and loads of naked women. I hadn't been there in a long time. I didn't stay for too long because I thought Alan was going to wake me up when he got home from work this morning. Starting today, I'm back on the diet and exercise schedule after a few weeks off. Me and Alan are going hardcore, not letting ourselves eat out, making ourselves exercise, and only allowing beer once or twice a week. It'll be tough, but I'm sick of being pudgy. And my television debut didn't get me nearly enough women saying I was hot. Maybe next time.

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