Friday was Kouri's

Friday was Kouri's with Polk and, briefly, Christine (or was it Christina... whichever). It reminded me of old times when Polk and I first started the tradition without any other willing participants. After dropping Polk off at Circuit City, I headed over to Fabish's to chill, smoke a cigar, and drink a few beers. It was a good night and Winnie was doing a good job supressing her urge to kill Abby and all was good, until later in the night when Winnie attacked ChooChooBoneWagon and I got bitten seperating them, while Fabish got scratched. That wasn't so good, but the rest of the night was fun.

Saturday was a lazy day, and I worked on Optimus most of the day. I ate dinner with my parents and fell asleep on the couch really early (and hence missed your call, Wolfie. Sorry). I woke up just in time to catch 2, count 'em, 2 different documentaries on DB Cooper. For some reason, I got totally freaked out by them. I don't know why, since it was just a plane hijacking 30some years ago, and a few thousand miles away, and it was documentaries on the Discovery channel, but I was all freaked out and couldn't get to sleep.

Sunday I woke up and took my normal jog with my fat dog, then caught up on some TV watching. Later in the day, Alan, Angie and I took our bikes out to Rock Island Trail. We went 10 miles and set the goal at 14 next week. Apparently the whole trail is 25 miles, 50 round trip, and I really want to do the whole 50 sometime this year. That would be fun.

Anyhoo, after that Alan made me help him install a new stereo system in his car. It's no secret that car stereos used to be a big hobby of mine, and I'm no stranger to terms like amps, crossovers, preouts, and tweeters, but this was a huge job. We basically dismantled the whole inside of his car and ran a ton of new speaker wires, ground wires, and preouts anywhere we could fit them, being careful to run the power lines seperate from the speaker wires to minimize interference. To make matters more complicated, every speaker in his car was door mounted and we needed to run new wires into the doors. Sounds easy, but it wasn't. I was particularly proud of my fabrication job to mount the new tweeters in the door which weren't really the right size. Anyway, 6 hours of work and basically everything was wired up but needed ends put on to actually connect them to the speakers/amp. This was the easy part. Except that it was 9:30 and pitch black. We got 1 speaker working to ensure we didn't mess up anything too badly, and it worked. 6 hours of work and we were rewarded by a country song playing through 1 1.5" tweeter. It sounded great. Well worth the trouble.

I actually had a lot of fun doing all that. I miss the car stereo game. I need a new car I can pimp out like that, and this time, with video. I've never done the video thing in a car.

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