A friend of

A friend of mine, Brice, has been spending the last few weeks preparing to move to California. He's doing this for several reasons... to finish school, pay off his huge debt to some credit card companies, and to run away from a lawsuit coming his way if he sticks around here.

Some of the reasons are great, noble reasons. Some of them suck. But still, you have to respect him for doing what he's doing.

He's selling all his stuff... every little toy and gadget he's collected throughout the years. He used to have a better home theater than I did, and now it's reduced to a TV and DVD player. He's throwing every single thing he owns into his truck and leaving for San Jose at the end of the month.

Man, I'd love to do that. I feel like I'm just sort of wasting away here. I lived in Chicago for 2 years, and moved back here for personal reasons, all of which are gone now. Before, I hated my job to pieces, but at least I had a wonderful social life to keep me going. Now I don't have that. So what's keeping me here anymore? I'm not too close to my family, and I have maybe 2 good friends these days, one of which lives in Colorado the majority of the year. I can't sit around in Peoria just rotting, ya know?

It's time for a change, I think. What that change is, and when it's coming... I don't know. Time will tell.

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