Friggin' spammers.

I made it pretty apparent in my last related post that my little army of blog spammers has really started to piss me off. After implementing my comment-deleting script along with the emailing-me script, I noticed the problem is more widespread than I ever anticipated. These commenting spamming robots are posting comments to blog entries from weeks and months ago. They're almost all selling medications of some sort, or texas-hold-em related crap, or rolex imitations.

PHP doesn't provide any built-in automated stopping scripts. So far I've just been adding spam-triggering code to my commenting script every night. Today I got close to 90 that slipped through the cracks in my commenting system. I guess now I patch those cracks and wait until they find another thing that gets through, huh? It's a frustrating game we're playing, but I guess this is how the blog-spamming-comment game works. I just wonder how sites like blogger and LiveJournal handle it. Probably with a little more advanced programming language than PHP, eh?

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