Fun Times in Illinois' other half

So, I went down to St. Louis this weekend with Bryan J. Polk to meet Amy at her apartment. She made us some excellent, excellent homemade pizza. She even made Polk's horrible choice in bacon taste okay. We drank some beers and watched some movies, including the cinematically perfect Army of Darkness, and Star 80, which was good because of all the nudity.

On Saturday night we rode the Metro, which brought back some fond memories of Chi-town and the El. I miss the big city sometimes. We got half-lost on the way to the Science Center so we ended up blowing off those plans to get back to Amy's apartment in time to meet Laura (side note: mission failed), and Cambry.

We didn't go to Chili's, but dinner was good anyway.

After that we hit a pool hall and bar briefly before drinking more beer and watching more movies. I also almost knocked Amy's eyeball out with a bottle cap. I guess my "throwing stuff at people's head" habit got a little out of control, although I haven't learned my lesson. Fabish and I have been throwing stuff at each other's head since I got back to P-town, which proves that I am equal oppurtunity annoyer, and I don't do it just for flirting's sake. Anyhoo.

Laura's car broke. My diagnosis: distributer cap/rotor... Time will tell, but I'm really curious about this one.

I spent too much money this weekend, but I'm still betting that my financial situation will turn around soon. My mom was supposed to take me grocery shopping tonight, but plans changed and instead she'll be taking me to dinner and shopping tomorrow night. Food is good, free food is better.

Side note #2: The Glass House sucks.

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