Go America.

I've been watching the news for the past few minutes, and of course they're describing the attacks on Afghanistan. All I have to say is "GO USA!"

They showed some footage of "protestors" in Afghanistan. They looked so sad and tired and defeated. I almost felt sorry for them, until I remembered the footage of how New York residents looked on the day of the attacks. I remembered the same country celebrating at the loss of so many innocent lives, tossing out candy and cheering. There's no way I can feel sorry for anyone in that country now.

Afghanistan is to blame. They've had nearly a month to hand over Bin Laden and they chose not to. A month. We've been more than patient, and it's good that we're taking action.

Some people with high Muslim population are condemning the attacks. "Innocent people will die", they say. No shit? What about those thousands of innocent Americans who died? They had no chance of survival. No warning.

And now Bin Laden is calling for all Muslims to take up arms against Americans. What in the fuck is that all about? Bin Laden is a coward behind the death of 6,000 Americans. American fights back and Bin Laden throws a hissy fit saying the attacks are unfounded.

I can't understand anyone in the world saying the attacks are unfounded. America was attacked. Brutally, horribly attacked. No warning, no hint, no nothing. How can anyone say that we're wrong by giving them a month do what we say? We told them an attack was coming if they didn't follow our rules. They thought we were bluffing apparently, so they got what they deserved.

I don't want more innocent people to die, but I certainly want the guilty to be punished. I want the entire world to know that terrorist attacks on America will not be tolerated.

And that's about all I have to say about that. Go America.

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