Goal: Accomplished. Mostly.

I'm happy to report that in my running class last night, we ran the 4 mile course that the race will take place on and I finished in 35 minutes and some change. It won't be hard to trim those last few seconds off before race day... I think just the adreneline and spectators will motivate me to go a bit faster on the day of the event. If I had known I'd reach my goal a few weeks before the race, I would have been a bit more ambitious about it all.

So after the race, I went to Old Chicago with my running mates and had a calzone. I headed out early to meet Polk for his big birthday bash at Richard's, then headed home and worked for a few hours on various projects until I almost passed out from exhaustion.

I'd like to end this post with a few thank-you's. Thanks to Winnie for keeping me company as I'm bored and frustrated and sometimes a little lonely at night, staying up late to finish various projects that keep me busy. Thanks to Angie for taking care of her and letting her run around while I was out of the house for too darn long last night. Thanks to the other groups I was running with last night who motivated me to run faster so I could pass them. Thanks to my dad for helping me finally get my Jeep running right again, so hopefully I won't have to do anymore work to it for a few more months or years.

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