This is going to be really long and really lame.

So, the money making webpage has been up about 3 days now. It's odd... I thought I knew what to expect with a website that got this much traffic, but I was way off. It's been 3 days and I've gotten close to 6,000 hits and exactly 0 sales so far. I'm not discourages, but I am a bit disappointed. I thought I'd get at least a couple sales with 6,000 hits.

The interesting things are the parts I didn't expect. Like the bigger jobs. I've gotten 3 email inquiries about doing bigger jobs, so that's good. I've gotten 7 or 8 asking me if they could work for me, which I had no idea would happen. And perhaps the weirdest part is the mailing list. I thought after 3 days I'd be lucky to have 15 or 20 people on my list. Close to 300 signed up. Can you believe that? I was shocked. That's close to 5% of the visitors. Weird.

So, after the whole toilet breaking fiasco, Alan and I went to Menards to buy a new one. We got the cheapest one available of course, which was $60. Before removing the old toilet, we decided to really kick the crap out of it (no pun intended), so we fired more bottle rockets into it before finally throwing it away and breaking it with a hammer. Good times. All the events were documented with pictures, so there will be an update on soon, I'm sure.

Thursday night, Bryan J. Polk took me, Bryan J. Wolford, and Amy out to a nice din din at Old Chicago. I drank an Asian beer, which I absolutely do not recommend to anyone. It was not a pleasant experience.

Friday Jaimee got into town, and we went to Chili's (I love their chicken fingers), took Abby on a walk, and went to see The Majestic, which was kind of boring and kind of cheeseball, but good enough to justify the $3 admission. Especially because Jaimee paid for me (because I am a pimp). After a quick dinner at Pizza Hut we headed over to Bryan J. Polk's apartment for a party, which turned out to be less of a party and more of a gathering, if you ask me. It was Polk's apartment but for the majority of the evening, he was nowhere to be seen. Ah well, such is life.

I had to wake up stupid early this morning to get to my dad's to help him take our cat to the vet. Cats have a tendency to freak out in the car, and our cats are the worst of the bunch. I had to hold him down to make sure we actually got the vet. All his hair is falling out and my dad is really worried. I mean, it's not healthy, but on the other hand that stupid cat will be 18 years old pretty soon. My diagnosis for the loss of hair: The cat is like 130 in cat years. IT'S OLD. I was right, technically, since his old age has apparently made his liver fail or something like that. He gave us some medicine, but if he's not better in a few weeks he'll have to be put down. He's had a good life.

He took me out to lunch and I came back to the apartment, still expecting to see a sale. I was a bit disappointed. Soon enough my very first mailing will go out to all my loyal viewers. I haven't a clue what it will be about. And soon enough, I will make my first sale (hopefully sooner than later, beings how I'm SO FREAKING POOR).

And sign my Pibb petition on, slacker asses.

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