Good-bye debt, hello DVDs.

I finished up and mailed off that big mosquito CD-ROM job today, which puts the final $1500 into my pocket. Or, rather, it puts the final $1500 into Mastercard's pocket. Also, I got the second payment for another job, so I'm almost back in the green. My credit card debt piqued at just shy of $4000, plus another $1000 I still owed to a developper. Now, 4 months later, my only debt is $650 divided between 2 credit cards. I should be able to pay it off just before I move out on my own, so the bills can start stacking up once again.

Tonight I'm headed over to John Zarr's house to visit with him, Brian Kelly, Scott Reyling, and Scott Olsson. I love those guys, but don't get to see them nearly enough.

I got my windshield fixed yesterday. Sort of. It's a ton better than it was, but it's still really, really obvious that there was a rock in it. It's right in my line of sight, so it's a bit distracting. Fucking semis. Someday my debt will be gone, and I'll have extra money, and I'll be able to afford a new windshield. I can't wait.

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