Good luck/bad luck

So last night was poker night at the Mullens' house. In the end it was Mullens playing with Anna's chips vs. me. At around 11 with no real chip leader and a loss of motivation to finish the game properly, Mullens and I split the pot. I was feeling really good about my luck. To celebrate our good fortune, Angie, Polk, Alan, Mullens and I headed to Jimmy's. This is where my luck changed.

On the way, I got pulled over. My headlight was out. It's been out for months. I was begging for a ticket to be honest, but somehow got away with a warning for that. Also, he asked for my insurance card which I was unable to produce, since I assume that the kids who broke into my car lost it or it slid under a seat or something as they were rummaging. I got a warning for that, too. Still, warning are better than ticketsand I'm not feeling entirely un-lucky just yet.

I get home from Jimmy's, and my house is just baking. Ridiculously hot. I put my hand in front of a vent and while its blowing, its blowing hot air from outside. I check the thermostat, which is sitting at 91. I figured I could mess with it later and went to bed.

This morning, it was even hotter in my house. My AC is busted. The good news is that Angie's dad may be able to fix it for me cheap. Still I'm not feeling too bad.

I'm making my way to work when I see flashing lights in my rearview mirror for the 2nd time in about 10 hours. He gave me a 72 hour remittance ticket to change out my old license plate with a new one, despite the fact that a different cop told me I was perfectly legal with that other plate. Such is life.

I'm not feeling quite as shitty as I maybe should be, but I feel a little down in the dumps. It happens.

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