Goodbye, last 3 years of my life from the public.

Welcome to my first friends-only post in my friends-only journal. Even though this post is friends-only, I won't get into why. It's a lame story that doesn't matter.

All I can say is thank God for blessings in disguise. I was depressed and upset about the recent events for all of a few hours, but with the help of my awesome friends overcame that pretty quick, and I realize that everything that's happened will be for the best in the long run. I'm no better off than I was a few weeks ago, but also no worse. And that's what matters.

All the shit hit the fan on Thursday, and that night, Alan, Jenny, Angie, Mullens, and Fabish all came over and drank beer and made sure I wasn't suicidal. I was actually in very good spirits and starting to accept that this whole mess was for the greater good. I don't have a job, but at least I haven't signed my life away and locked myself into a life I may have hated.

Last night, Fabish treated me to a free dinner at Sully's, then we came back to my place and watched Anger Management with Angie. I miss hanging out with that kid, for sure.

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