Guess what....

As per usual, I'm outtie just a tad early today. And....
As per usual, I won't be posting or replying or any of that stuff over the weekend, because...
As per usual, I will be drinking beer and partying all weekend, and it will be good.

I won't see "Jill" this weekend. I told her my concern about her not spending time with me or getting to know me and my friends, and she sees a simple solution... to blow me off this weekend.

Fuckin' girls.

But I digress. This is Halloween weekend and shall be spent in drunken splendor with my REAL friends, not a phoney-bologna infatuation that just simply has lasted too long. I have a feeling that the infatuation, and even casual contact, with her are both gone.

For good.

This time I mean it.


Have a good weekend everyone.

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