Had lunch with

Had lunch with the old man today at Avanti's where we discussed my plans to buy a motorcycle. See, I've been tooling around in Jeepy for over 3 years now, and before Jeepy I owned a Camaro. I miss the fast cars and fast corners, but have been too broke to even consider anything else. Now that I'm going to have a newer, higher paying job, I figure it's time to get something faster. A motorcycle is a cheaper alternative to a sports car, and would tide me over until I can afford something totally cooler.

Dad warned me of the dangers of a motorcycle and was unphased by my observation that he himself had 2 of them sitting in his garage. He recommended I skip the bike and go straight for the M3 I've had my eye on for a few years. We'll see how that goes. For now I like Jeepy, but I go through phases of liking her and hating her. Maybe I'll like her a lot during the summer with the top down and doors off.

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