Happy 5th of

Happy 5th of July everyone. I hope everyone had a good 4th.

Did I? Sure. But first, my 3rd of July. I didn't do much. Steph and I went to Best Buy and got Office Space and Dracula 2000, then watched Office Space. Funny movie. I feel SO related to poor Peter lately. Later, Fabish's girlfriend Amy came by and brought some friends... Bridget and Myra to watch a movie. KJ also stopped by. So, we watched Unbreakable, then I went to bed.

The 4th was really fun. Fabish and I cooked some steaks on the grill outside, and later a bunch of people stopped by and we ordered pizza. At around 8 we went down to the river. It was me, Alan, Jamie, Steph, Molly, Callahan, Angie, Becky, Shea, and Becky's boyfriend, who I think was named Jeremy. Angie was being a huge bitch the whole night, so me and Steph decided to ditch them. It was easy in the huge crowd. I felt bad about it for like 15 seconds, but I got over it pretty quickly.

The fireworks were awesome. For the past few years, they've tried to time the fireworks to the music, but I never remembered it matching so well. The announcer said Peoria's fireworks are in the top 5% of the country's, which I tend to believe. The fireworks in Chicago are nowhere close to as cool as Peoria's. He also said that more than 150,000 people were on the river front, which I believe. It was so amazingly crowded.

Last year, we all got awesome seats right on the dock. We just laid down and watched the fireworks, which seemed to be right above us, and dangled our feet over the edge. It seemed really dangerous, and I was shocked that they let us be down there. This year, there was all sorts of cops to keep us away. Poor us.

Yeah, it was a good day for me. As I was getting in my car this morning, a huge crow flew on top of a nearby garage, looked at me, and made that weird "gah gah" noise that crows make. Is that bad luck?

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