happy birthday to me.

So, I went out last night. It was Angie's 21st birthday, so she was having a party. Fabish and I picked up the keg and headed over there and visited with Angie's roommates and family until Angie finally got home. She wasn't surprised at all. I thought that was pretty funny. At midnight we went to Gorman's, then downtown to Sully's and Big Al's, of course. I didn't drink anything after leaving Angie's house, since I was not in the mood to get stupid drunk.

The first couple times they sang "Happy Birthday" to Angie it didn't bother me. After the 3rd or 4th time I heard it, I wanted to slap someone or yell out my own name at the appropriate time. I thought I could handle it, but it sucks having your birthday ignored while another person gets it celebrated by everyone in the world. I did get into the bars without paying the cover charge, so I guess that was nice.

My parent's just took me out to Damon's. They gave me a stupid hat to wear, and the waiters and waitresses sang me Happy Birthday. I was glad to hear it at least once.

And thus ends the least eventful birthday of all time, with the exception of my 20th birthday. Boy did that birthday ever suck. I'll leave that story for another journal entry.

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