Happy New Year

Happy New Year, all.

Mine was a good one. We had a party. A small one compared to the ones I used to throw in my prime, but it was fun nonetheless. I got a bit loopy early on, but stopped drinking near midnight so I wouldn't be all hungover today at work, where I'm at now.

The funniest part of the night was easily a completely drunk and belligerent Mullens, screaming about Jews and Jesus and Nazis and Communists before stumbling outside and puking his guts out. Wolford and I stood back, watching and laughing.

And now I'm at work. I have been for nearly 2 hours. Not even 1 person has walked into the store, and I've seen about 2 walk by. I'm going to lock up to grab some lunch soon.

I'm missing movie day and I'm fucking pissed. Fuck Verizon.

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