Hating of Spam, part II

Almost 3 years ago, I posted a long dumb rant about how much I hated spam. My, how things have changed, and yet stayed eerily the same.

This week, I had my Gmail account hijacked in an attempt to email all my people in my address book with some sort of spam. Only it wasn't spam. It was just a series of 4 random characters. It's this spam that drives me completely and totally insane, even more than if the outgoing emails had been legitimate spam with links to products for purchase. What is the point other than to inconvenience me? 

Ironically, this coincided with an influx of spam on this blog. Unlike my previous rant, in which I was writing custom software for handling my blog and having to write custom filters, I now use Drupal and have to install and update various modules to keep spam at a minimum. After installing a few spam modules, I then went in and deleted the nearly 4,000 spam comments left here over the past few days.

And, similar to my previous rant, most of these messages contained no links, no message, and no coherent text. Just random characters. What, exactly, is the point of creating bots to post this nonsense, which then necessitates hard-working people to write special software, and even more people wasting their time to install and configure that software? Is posting random characters on a low-traffic site and blog really that important? 

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