Here's something I

Here's something I forgot.

I was getting on the interstate near my apartment this morning. About halfway down the ramp, my Jeep started sliding around a little. Nothing too horrible. I can handle it.

Well, as I got further and further down the ramp, I started sliding more and more. I was all over the road.

This is where it gets weird. I've lost control like this before in some of my other cars. Usually when I'm losing it, I think to myself "SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT", but this morning as I was sliding around, I was thinking to myself "If I fall off the road, it will be a good chance to test my 4 wheel drive." I was incredibly peaceful and non-panicky about it.

Well, finally I just gave up, realizing I wasn't going to regain control. I spun around 180 degrees, looking right back to the top of the ramp I had just come down. As I was sitting there, looking up the ramp, I saw a guy turn onto the ramp and immediately slide off. The guy right after him tried to pull over and stop to help him, but ending up just sliding into the guardrail.

I thought driving up the on ramp would be a bad idea, and walking up there wouldn't do any good, so I turned around, merged on the interstate, and was on my way.

As I was sitting here in my cubicle this morning, I kept overhearing horror stories about that ramp. About 4 people I work with use that ramp every morning, and were all talking about how they were sliding and things. All in all, I was pretty lucky.

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