Hey so this

Hey, so this morning was awesome. I've been doing pretty well with the whole tooth brushing thing, never skipping a day, but also not brushing too far back for fear of knocking out stitches or something. This morning I risked it a little and brushed further back than I have been, only to get chunks of skin and gum and other assorted nastiness stuck in my toothbrush. I'll be picking up a new one after work today, I think.

And I'm getting really, really sick of soup and pudding. It's driving me absolutely insane. Tonight I'm going to try macaroni and cheese, I think. Nothing liquid sounds even the slightest bit appetizing to me anymore.

In non-tooth related news, I went to Cheddars and to see Cursed with Brandon, Wolfie, Randy, Jim, and Alan yesterday. The soup at Cheddars was sub-par, our waitress was crappy, and the movie was shitty. But it was still fun.

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