I've got too many hobbies, I think. And the list of hobbies I want to be involved with is constantly growing.

For example, after my awesome bike rides and my rekindled love affair with my bicycle, I thought maybe I should get a road bike for my commute to work, since my hybrid is huge and on the heavy/slow side. On my quest, I ran across old-school, vintage, Pee-Wee Herman style bikes, and thought to myself how sweet it would be to buy an old vintage bike and restore it to it's former glory. Then I thought that I can't afford a decent road bike, but I could probably buy a kit and build one myself. But that would take a ton of time I don't have, what with my video projects for Horror Junk, and house renovations, and wood-working projects, and I've been saying for years I need to draw and paint more often.

Oh yeah, and then I also have to keep up on my running and exercise. Is running considered a hobby?

Anyway, I've really cut back on my TV watching, and nowadays when I sit down to watch the tube, it's like I've cleared part of my schedule to be lazy and do nothing. Which is nice. I've had way too much to do lately, to the point that even my internet access at home is sparse (I've been stealing wireless from the neighbors, but don't tell), and I haven't really missed it too much.

Someday eventually, I won't have a job and my hobbies will consume my whole day, and those days will be so awesome. It may happen when I'm retired, but with a little luck and some hard work, maybe it'll happen sooner. Fingers crossed.

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