Holiday weekend, from the top....

Okay, so I left here on Wednesday night. The weekend was less than eventful, but I'll bore you with the details anyway.

Wednesday- Buffalo wings at my place. $3/lb. night, how can I resist?
Thursday- Thanksgiving lunch at my aunt's place. I brought a friend who doesn't have family close. He wants my cousin now.
Friday- Basically just wasted the day as best I could.
Saturday- Spent the day shopping, then watched some movies at my place. Passed on a party that sounded fun but turned out lame.
Sunday- Saw Charlie's Angels, then watched Transformers.

Then here I am. I wanted a weekend to chill out and settle in my apartment, so I was glad it came. I could have had more fun, but that's all right.

This week will be spent on little annoyances I have to do... my car needs some repairs and I have to help my dad carry some stuff at my parent's place.

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