Holy crap what

Holy crap, what a weekend. I kicked it off on Friday with a free trip to Red Lobster, compliments of Angie. She went home early to prepare for her vacation and I went over to Alan's and drank beer and watched TV.

Saturday I decided my living room and sitting room needed decorating, so I went and bought a ton of shit to get the job done. I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I painted them yellowishbrownish and greenishbrownish, respectively, as well as got new curtains and artwork and frames and the whole deal. It looks like a different house now. If I had a camera I'd post photos, but I loaned it to Angie for her vacation to take pictures of hot girls in bikinis.

Anyway, that night was Peter's first birthday, so I went out to Brimfield to celebrate. I managed to not eat cake and ice cream, partly because of the Biggest Loser competition at work, but mostly because my teeth problems are making eating anything very painful.

I left when I got a call, or should I call it a blast from the past, from Missy and Holli. I haven't hung out with them since high school, and only casually kept in touch through their college days. It was good to see them again. We went bowling and out for a few beers.

Sunday I finished up painting and hanging artwork and curtains, then drove out to Morton to help Jill with her computer issues. After that I met Wolfie, Jim, Randy, and Jill for Constantine, which was a whole lot better than what I was expecting.

219 today. Not bad considering it was a weekend.

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