Holy Excellent Pizza, Batman

Yeah, Hoops night last night, which ruled. Angie and I made a quick stop at Lowe's before meeting Anna and eating pizza. Me, being the gentleman I am, picked up the tab for the whole night. 6 slices of pizza and 3 beers: $7.60. Half off night is the best thing ever.

So afterwards I was trying to convince Angie to see Batman Begins, but she wasn't interested. Finally she (bat)caved and said if I could find a show starting before 8:30, she'd go. And the hunt was on. I started at the crappiest, but closest, theater to our houses, and lo and behold, an 8:15 showing. While parking the car, Wolfie runs up and humps my leg like a dog. I shooed him away and noticed a whole crew of people who didn't invite me to the movie. But in an amazing bit of bad luck for them and Angie, and in an amazing bit of good luck for myself, I wound up in the same theater, able to be loud and obnoxious and throw popcorn at them.

The movie was decent but on the long side, and seeing Christian Bale trying to pull off playing a college kid was a bit painful for me. Similarly, Katie Holmes as a 30 year old didn't quite register for me either. And I wish there was less "becoming Batman" and more "kicking ass as Batman" going on in the flick. I realize it was "Begins" and therefore had to explain the mythology and all, but the way it worked out it seemed like the "real" plotline of the movie was an afterthought and tacked on when they realized he didn't Batman out enough. Still, it was enjoyable.

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