holy freaking crap.

So, in honor of me finally posting new content on junkmachine, I finally decided to start the too damn fat project. I went jogging just now for like a half hour or so, and was reminded as to why i didn't ever start exercising regularly. holy crap. i imagine by the end of the week, i'll have an easier time with it than i just did, but holy crap. i am really, really out of shape.

Anyway, Jaimee came down to visit and see my new apartment this weekend. It was a fun trip. We played in the field near my place with Winnie, tried to have a cook out, drank some of those new malt liquors, watched some scary movies, etc. It was good times.

Today I was supposed to get my cable internet installed. For reasons beyond my control, I wasn't able to get that done. My hope now is that the DSL will come through and I'll have fast internet that way. My satellite gets installed tomorrow, so I'll have some entertainment for the first time in a while.

Winnie is getting worse and worse when I let her off her leash. The last time I did it (about an hour ago), she ran across the street and almost got run over. Well, sort of. The car that would have hit her was really smart, and when she saw Winnie run across the street like a jack ass, she stopped and waited there for me to grab her before going on. Smart move, because Winnie is retarded and would have almost certainly ran under the car just to get away from me, as she does when she's in trouble. I really have to get her one of those shock collars. I hate to do it, but it's better than any alternative I can see.

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