Holy shit. I

Holy shit. I just got an email from some guy at The Screensavers who wants to talk to me. Is it possible that they'll fly me out to meet Morgan, Megan, Leo, Pat, and Martin? Cross your fingers for me.

The show I work for is TechTV's primetime technology help & variety
show, "The Screen Savers"; broadcast daily 90-minute live broadcast. TSS is
geared toward helping people with technology: product reviews, interviews with
industry celebrities, instructional segments, etc. If its about technology, we
talk about it! You can visit our website at http://www.thescreensavers.com.

I am very interested in talking with you about your projects and an
appearance on our show!

Question #1: Where are you located?

Please contact me via email, or phone: *secret phone number*

I look forward to hearing from you,

Joshua Brentano

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