The Home Office

Illinois was getting a bit too cold for me, so I jetted off to sunny California to visit my employer for the first time. It only took a few hours for me to go from "I don't know if I can do this job..." to "Yeah, I can totally do this job". In the few weeks since I was hired and given little direction or assistance on how to actually get work done, my brain went to weird places on what the job entailed and how there was no way I was competetant to actually do the work. 

Thankfully, those fears were put to rest upon my arrival. The job is well within my skill level, and as long as I can navigate some subtleties with servers and Git, I should be good to go. 

Afterall, it's just Drupal, a system I've worked with for many clients over many years. At this point, I should be more than capable of managing my way around Drupal, quickly and easily. In retrospect, it was silly for me to get worked up about maybe not being able to do it. 

In other, non-work news, Daisy is awesome and getting more awesome every day. She's such a funny, strange little kid. I'm not sure if that's nature or nuture, or a combination of both. Either way, fatherhood is just really satisfying, and I am really enjoying seeing Daisy get older and learn at every step along the way. 

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