Homeless, Day 1

I'm completely homeless now. My dad and I took the 1 huge load back to my parent's house, and some to the garage I have for the next 2 weeks or so. Fabish and I spent roughly 2,000 hours cleaning and cleaning and cleaning some more. I feel sorry for anyone who steam cleans for a living. What a horrible job.

So, as we were leaving, Fabish and I shook hands. I said "Well, it's been fun." He replied "For you, maybe. You didn't have to live with you." I thought it was a fitting end. One of us says something mostly sincere, and the other makes fun of him for it. That's how we've been since we were kids.

It was really sad leaving the place. I didn't think it would be. I've had a lot of good times there. I've been through a lot living there. Lots of good times, and some bad. Fabish and I became even better friends than we were before, which I didn't think was possible. It was the first place that I lived in for more than a year since I was 18. I'm really gonna miss the joint.

If nothing else, it's another chapter finished. I'm getting older. I'm moving out of the college area. I'm getting an apartment where I can't have keggers every week. I have to be quieter and more responsible. It's hard to put into words I guess.

Anyway, I'm extremely tired and sore. my knuckles are all scraped up, and my joints are all sore. I'm ridiculously tired. And that was my day. Tonight I sleep on my parent's futon. Fun stuff.

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