Homeless, Day 11

So, it's Wednesday and I move into my new place on Saturday. 3 days and counting.

I finally got a response from my Best Buy complaint. They told me to talk to the manager of the Peoria store, which I've already done. Slackers. I complained again telling them no, so we'll see what happens.

I called to set up an appointment to have my cable internet installed, which turns out it will take way longer than I expected. Such is life, I guess. So, my dad got me a free modem from somewhere and I'll use one of those free AOL deals or something for the week that I'll be cable-internet-less.

Here's a weird thing. I called my new apartment to see if everything was all set to move in on Saturday, and she told me sure, but not until 1:00. I said I would prefer to start before then, but she told me the apartment won't be ready before 1:00 on Saturday. I thought it was a bit strange, but whatever's clever, I guess.

My journal is boring.

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