Homeless, Day 12

Being homeless was fun for a while, but it's getting boring now.

I sent in my first porno pictures. Apparently the lady I've been dealing with is sort of like a secretary, and her job is to review candidates, ask for samples, and weed out the bad artists. I've made it through her screening process and my samples have been sent to the guy in charge. Now I just have to wait for his reply and we can start talking money. Speaking of money, I really need some right now.

I move into my new place the day after tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to find new and interesting things to do with my day. I'm coming up short most of the time and basically have been drawing a lot and watching a lot of TV.

Tomorrow I get to pack up all my belongings (again), and get ready for the big move on Saturday. Also, that's family picture day.

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