Homeless, Day 13


So, I spent my day doing laundry and packing up for the big move tomorrow. Everything I took to my parent's house is boxed up and sitting in front of the door, ready to be loaded into my dad's truck when he gets home and taken to my new apartment tomorrow.

I had just finished and settled in to watch some TV when I get a phone call from my new apartment building. Apparently they waited until the last second to get Peoria officials in to certify the building, and therefore aren't going to be certified or let people start moving in until Monday night at the earliest, but probably more like Tuesday.

This not only sucks because 13 homeless days is way too much, but also because 1. Robert could actually help me move in on Saturday, 2. Jaimee was coming down to see my new place, 3. I want to get the hell out of my parent's basement for God's sake. Plus, who can help me move in on a Tuesday during the day? No one. That's who.

Every time I move into a new apartment, all this weird stupid shit happens, I swear to God. My last apartment left me stranded in my parent's basement for about 2 months over deadline. My Chicago apartment left me without a refridgerator or oven for a month.

Fuck. I was so looking forward to moving in.

Tonight is beer and wings at Kouri's. I hope.

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