Homeless, Day 14

So, I just typed a big huge thing that I decided to delete. The basic gyst of the entry was this: fuck. Fuck it all. It should matter less than it does.

Anyway, today I got my picture taken with my family. That was a lot of fun. Pictures of the whole group, followed by a picture of my parents, then a picture of Sarah, Robert, and Jack. To top it all off, a picture of me, all by myself. Sweet. I can't tell you how cool I felt. After that we all went out to breakfast. I shared a table with Jack. I realized this morning that 4.5 month old babies aren't good conversationalists.

Winnie puked on my foot today, too. It's been an awesome day all around. I'm waiting for something good to happen today, but with only 25 minutes to go, I don't see it happening.

I should have been all moved into my new place.

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