Homeless, Day 6

So, I spent most of yesterday looking for new jobs on the internet. I ran into some really, really cool ones, but I've decided to not discuss potential jobs until I know I have them. That just gets my hopes up. Then people ask "Whatever happened with that sweet ass job such and such?", and I have to reply "Yeah, I didn't get it. Thanks for mentioning it."

Anyway, so I applied for 6 or 7 I really want. I got a response today from one of them saying if I want the job, it's mine.

But here's the thing the original job posting didn't make clear. First, I think they accept any and all artists who apply for them. They pay the good ones a lot and the bad ones not much. I looked at some of the other artists work, and without tooting my horn too much, I'm totally better than most of them.

The second thing the original job posting didn't make clear was the subject matter I'd be illustrating. Well, brace yourself. It's erotic BDSM stuff. It's pretty messed up. While I have drawn, and love drawing, nude figures, the sort of things they have on their site are... well... a bit much.

They do allow pseudonyms, which is nice, so my name won't be attached to the drawings. And it would be awesome to make some extra, consistent money. But is it really worth selling my soul to the devil just to pay my cable bill? I have a few days to decide if I really want to spend my time doing these drawings. I never thought it would be a tough decision... draw for money or not? It's harder than I thought.

Tonight is 's birthday. Dinner and beer at Kouri's Pub, followed by.... something. Not sure what.

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