Homeless, Day 8

So, I spent the majority of the day yesterday painting my old bedroom/my dad's old office since my parents are turning it into a spare bedroom. After finishing, my mom decided she didn't like the color, so today I'm probably going to end up repainting it. Fun stuff.

Not a whole lot else to report. I'm bored most of the time.

In other news, I have decided to take that pornographic drawing job, for several reasons.

  1. They want me to tell a story. That's right, kiddies, I'll be doing a comic book. Sure, it will be chalk full of disgusting stuff, but it'll be a comic book. Once again, I am a paid comic book artist. I haven't been paid for comic art since I was 16.

  2. Everyone hates their job. Now, so do I. There's always part of a job you like, and part you hate. At Kinko's, I loved working the machines but hated dealing with the customers. Now, I love to draw but hate the subject matter. Ain't no thing.

  3. Pay my dues. All artists take jobs they don't want just to put food on the table and keep drawing. Now I'm one of them. Hopefully this crap job will earn me some recognition and ability to do less crap jobs. That's the plan, anyway.

  4. Maybe someone will see it? Maybe? Someone important? The site will get me good exposure, even with a fake name. Maybe someone important will see it and want more, less pornographic drawings from me.

  5. I really need the cash. My dad won't be able to help me out as much as he hoped he would since my mom will soon be out of work. I need to pay rent and car payments. This is a good way to do it.

My morals are saying no, but everything else is saying yes. The only really shitty part of the work is the embarrasment attached to it. No, I don't plan on telling my parents where the money is coming from. No, I will never show anyone the drawings I do.

So, there it is. I think I'm going to start drawing tonight and will send the people in charge some samples once I get my new apartment set up.

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