Horror Hound Weekend

Well Horror Hound was awesome. We woke up crazy early and headed to Indianapolis.

I should have started this podcasting thing way earlier, if for no other reason than all the free stuff I get. This time around we got media passes, which gave us totally free access to all of the convention and the privilege of using our camera wherever our little hearts desired without fear of being kicked out.

We also picked up a couple free movies and made some really, really good contacts during our brief stay. We focused less on interviews this time around and more on fun little sketches and skits, but this time involving the celebrities playing bit parts in our features and helping us review movies and settle some horror controversy.

Anyway, it was a great time but we had to scoot early because we couldn't get a hotel room with such short notice. We finished the night at Kouri's, playing darts and socializin'.

And now its back to the real world. I've been unpacking and putting stuff away from the move for the past week or so. Yes, I realize it's been about 6 months since the move... what about it?!

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