HorrorHound Weekend

So we're back from HorrorHound. We had a great time, met all sorts of celebrities, quizzed all sorts of non-celebs, and may have even landed a freelance web design job for one of the stars of Friday the 13th part 7. We were recognized just once by a couple of younger dudes... I handed them my camera to get a picture of me, Wolfie, and Tony Todd. His friend nudged him and said "Those are the guys from Horror Junk!" kind of quietly and under his breath. I just kind of nodded and smiled, but secretly I wished they'd actually said something to us instead of just mumbling between themselves.

We made a lot of really good contacts and did some good old-fashioned show promoting.

Anyway, it was a really great, really fun weekend that was really productive weekend. I didn't sleep enough, but whatever. It was worth it.

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