Hour 6.5 into

Hour 6.5 into my 11 hour work day, and I'm so bored I could vomit. I'm also hungry.

Still no word on the job that I may or may not have. Hopefully there's a message on my answering machine when I get home, but if not, I still have faith I'll hear a yes or no this week. And in the event of a no, I have faith that I won't take it too hard and will instead keep on lookin' for something better than this shit ass cell phone gig.

Sunday I did some yard work but used the rain as an excuse to stop and watch some TV. I also went to a Chinese Buffet with Polk, Toy, and The Brandon. Good eatin', for sure.

They changed the compensation structure here at work to make it super fucking hard to get any commission at all. It sucks, but it also gives me added motivation to find something else. Have I mentioned lately that I hate it here? Because I do.

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