How do those

How do those Trading Spaces people do it?

It's been a really busy 2 days for me. Yesterday I worked at the house. All day. Stripping paint off old chairs, nearly burning my skin off with the paint remover. Priming the horrible bedroom from hell. Various other small tasks. Today I went into work at the gallery for a few hours then headed back to the house. Alan and Brandon came by to help me paint. We got the living room, sitting room, and hallway painted stark white as opposed to the aged, antique, nicotine filled white she had before. The difference was truly remarkable. It was so bright and cheery in there after all was said and done.

We also filled the nail holes and a big hole in the old plaster. It's really looking nice. Tomorrow we're finishing the paint job in the dining room, then a guy is coming to help out with the floors. By the end of the day tomorrow, the main floor in the house will be transformed from a run down, dirty place to an amazing clean and fresh place. I'll take pictures, don't worry. It'll be nice, nice, nice.

Winnie seems to like the outside, but mostly just stands at the back door, looking in, waiting for me to come out. When I do, she runs around like an idiot. Then I go back in, and she stands and looks at the door some more. She'll get used to it.

Brandon knows about a place in town who has been looking for an art director. I could be an art director, right?

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