How you know you've made the right decision

So I woke up bright and early this morning after a shitty night's sleep. I had cheered up considerably just knowing what I had to do the next day, but it still weighed a bit heavy on the 'ole mind and shoulders. So I got up and went to the gallery where no one was yet. I did a bit of work before Sue got there, then went up to talk to her about my new job, how much it sucked, and how I was leaving. She gave me encouraging words, which are always nice to hear when you're about to do something that you're not 100% sure is the right choice.

Anyway, 10:00 rolled around, which is when the video place opened. I went in and had a talk with the owner, basically telling him that my time would be better served looking for freelance work rather than giving up any chance I had to get freelance work and working for peanuts. He kind of half-tried to talk me out of it before giving up. It wasn't quite as friendly of a goodbye as I had hoped for, since I hate burning bridges and all, but it worked.

I went back to Bibo's feeling great. About an hour later, Cori came running downstairs telling me to get the phone. It turns out that some lady called looking for an artist to do a cartoon for her business, which is a jewelry store. I talked to her and gave her a rough quote. I meet with her to discuss it in more detail in about 15 minutes. If I had worked at the video place all day like I was "supposed" to, I never would have gotten this job. I definitely take it as a sign that I made the right choice. More than likely, this cartoon job will pay more than I would have made working at the video place all day. Strange how things happen like that sometimes.

Things are lookin' up. Off to a meeting....

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