I am a

I am a hot commodity this Christmas season, I tell you what. Everyone wants me to go to their Christmas gatherings. Of course I'm almost always invited to my own family's get togethers, but on Friday I'm hanging out with Angie's family, and just tonight my quiet dinner with Polk turned into a par-tay with his whole family. My favorite part of the night was when Kat ran up and gave me a hug, to which I replied "Hey, nice to see you again!" Her response was "Oh... have we met?" It was pretty hilarious.

So a recap of the last few days, for the sake of my memory rather than your reading pleasure. Monday I did Angie's dishes for her since she has a crippled hand that can't get wet. Then I drug her to the hospital to help me find my nephew's hospital room, since she knows her way around the joint. A quick hello and goodbye to my mom and sister followed, before jetting off to Famous Daves to meet the rest of my family. Then back to Angie's for a little The Day After Tomorrow action where I was less annoyed by cancer and wolves than I was the first time.

Yesterday was more family fun when I went to my aunt's and ate until I was sick. The younger members of the family got, opened, and played with toys while I talked more to the middle generation of family and got utterly confused when talk of The Wasson Kids started. We watched some Chicken Run in my aunt's movie theater, which is quite literally a theater, ate pork chops and cookies and deer meat but not at the same time, and I got crazy tired around 8:30. I punked out and canceled plans to have a few beers with Mullens because I'd never been tireder in my life. So tired that tireder looked and sounded like a real word (and I know it's not, so keep your mouth shutted).

Tonight was dinner with Polk alone after The Blandon punked out on our last minute plans for something I like to call a "previous obligation". I stopped by his family's Christmasishidon'tknowhwattocallitparty, drank a beer, talked about my neighbors, was astonished at the pure craziness of the youth, amazed by the huge size of the family, and impressed at the noise level of the shindig. And now I'm home, ridiculously tired but looking at the clock and seeing 8:50 and knowing that there's no way I'd be able to sleep until my alarm went off if I went to bed now so I'll force myself to stay awake for at least 20 more minutes to insure I'll sleep more tonight, wake up later, be more awake for longer tomorrow, and be able to party it up like a rockstar.

This entry contained many run-on sentences, but I hope you've enjoyed it.

I've posted a lot of entries without pictures so far this month. To make up for it, I'll post a shitload of pics all at once before the month is through.

I had forgotten all about Monkey Brains until tonight.

Edit: For an update on my little nephew, he's doing better. His fever has gotten better and his breathing is mostly unassisted. He moved to a non-intensive-care floor last night at some time. They'll continue to give him breathing treatments and such, and everyone's fingers are still crossed that he'll be home by Christmas. It's not looking good though... I would say my chances of spending another Christmas morning in a hospital are pretty good.

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