I am a

I am a starving artist. Literally.

Yesterday Alan and I went car shopping for a few hours. That's always fun. We even stopped by the BMW and Mercedes dealerships to take a look at my dreamcars. I thought about bullshitting the salesman into letting me drive one, but I decided against it. In high school, me and Mullens tricked a salesman into letting us drive an SS around, and I felt bad about it afterwards. He kept calling my house to try and pressure me into buying it, when I had no intention of buying it.

Anyway, after the car hunt we went to the Jubilee Cafe where Angie works and gave us free food. I've been lucky to get 1 free meal a day for the past 5 days or so, and tonight my parents invited me to dinner at my sister's. So that's another free meal. It's just too bad that the only meals I eat are free ones. I am starving right now and free dinner isn't for 3 more hours.

Last night our landlord called and will be showing off our apartment to potential renters. We had to clean a lot. My room is now cleaner than it has been since I moved in. It's nice to live and work in a clean room.

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