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I applied for a graphic design position at another print shop here in Peoria, but they haven't called me back yet. It's a really bad time to be looking for a job, I suspect. I can't find anything. Maybe I should have just taken that crap job where I would have been underpaid. At least it would have been work, right? Ya win some, ya lose some. I've just lost a lot lately.

I did go to another interview/meeting thing yesterday, though. It was to teach old people art. I think it could be a whole lot of fun, if I do say so myself. It's for the Park District here in town, and as far as I can tell, they basically let anyone who wants to teach a class teach a class. I fill out some forms describing my class, and people either show up, or they don't. So now I wait until she sends me the proper forms, I fill them out, and then I teach a class. This isn't until June, though, so I'm not on the edge of my seat or anything. But I am definitely looking forward to it. I also told her I want to teach kids some cartooning classes or something. They're not looking for anyone now, but that would really be fun.

Last night Jaimee's oven exploded. It was pretty awesome.

The hunt is still on for a house for me. My dad is getting eager to buy me one, but tells me I need to take a more active role in the search. He's right, of course, but also wrong for a couple of big reasons:

  1. The whole "unemployed" factor. I'm not really working. I make ends meet through work at the gallery and selling my old belongings on eBay, and my dad still has to loan me money every once in a while. So I'm not really in a good "house buying" position.

  2. Since my dad is fronting the down payment and will be helping with the monthly payments until I get a job, this ball is more in his court than mine.

  3. I don't really know a whole lot about rewiring a house or installing new heating and cooling units or fixing foundations or seeing if the roof is okay... I'm all about fixing up a house. I can run new electrical lines, new cable lines, new phones lines... I can paint, retile, drywall, hang doors, but I'll be damned if I have even the slightest clue about fixing a foundation and jacking up a wall of a garage. So I'm kind of relying on him to point out huge problems with a house.

  4. I'm not really too picky, because I really can't afford to be.

Anyway, that'll about do it on my end for now.

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