I can't decide if this is good or bad.

Yeah, so, I got an email from eBay today, saying an eBay member complained about the Within the Woods VCDs I had for sale, saying I violated a copyright. The eBay user... a mister Samuel Raimi. Can you believe that? So, this email from eBay included Sam's email address, eBay user ID, and a lot of other stuff about him. While I'm not going to give this information away, I will say that Sam buys some WEIRD stuff on eBay.

Anyhoo, I've emailed him to see what it would take to actually get the rights to these old movies and sell them legally and legitimately. I'm not sure if he'll respond. I think if I could make a killing on this collection if I put it on DVD and could sell them legally, to big markets and video stores and such. We'll see what response I get...

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