I didn't do

I didn't do anything last night, again. I was supposed to eat with Mullens, but Anna came into town to surprise him and he canceled on me. Instead I just ate a salad and watched Porky's.

Oh, but the salad was excellent. I went to the supermarket and bought all this low fat junk. Even the crackers I put on it were low fat. The Wasson weight loss program has begun. I've gained about 15 or 20 pounds since I moved back to Peoria, since I'm both eating and not exercising, which is completely opposite of my Chicago experience. I'd like to lose some of that weight again, even if some people *coughjaimeecough* don't want me to.

Barb had been threatening to call me all week, so I was a bit worried every time the phone rang. Fortunately, it was never Barb. I got a few phone calls from the Department of Education. I have my doubts that they're actually who they say they are. I've been dodging their phone call for a few months now. They want me to take this survey that will take like 45 minutes just because "my phone number was scientifically randomly selected", whatever that means. Sometimes I just don't answer it when they call (thank God for caller ID), and sometimes I pretend to by someone else and say "Tim's not here." For a while I was telling them to call back during the days and not on weekends, since I'm never home during the days. But I think they're on to me, and calling more often. I'm probably putting more effort into dodging the survey than actually taking it, but now it's like a game. I can't quit now. I will win. I'm a survivor, I'm gonna make it. I'm a survivor, keep on surviving. Destiny's Child are lyrical geniuses, let me tell you.

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