I didn't do

I didn't do a whole lot on Friday, if memory serves. I mostly worked on tim.cx, jackwhistle, and my new little project with camera phone stuff.

Saturday, I was incredibly productive with my web projects and house cleaning and laundry and whatnot. Angie got off work a few hours early, and we went out for dinner and over to Alan's for some card games and beer. We went downtown to see Mike and Joe and party like rock stars for a little bit until our age caught up with us and we headed home.

Sunday was a big day of nothin', outside of a few errands, a lot of website work, and not much else.

Oh yeah, I did see "When a Stranger Calls" with Wolfie on Saturday. Now I'm going to talk about horror movies for a little bit. I love horror movies. Even the horrible ones are awesome, as far as I'm concerned. But c'mon Hollywood, let's see some originality here. In the last few years, Dawn of the Dead, Amityville Horror, The Fog, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Thirteen Ghosts, and Carrie have all been remade, and I'm sure that's not the entire list. Now we can add "When a Stranger Calls" (and the up coming "The Hills Have Eyes").

I never saw the original, and don't really have interest in seeing it anymore to be honest with ya. I'd heard this was a fairly faithful remake, but played on the "new technology" aspect of it all. I'd figured this meant cell phones instead of standard phones, but through a lot of the movie the hero was using a corded phone with no Caller ID, as she had her cell phone taken away as a punishment. Finally she wisened up by getting a hold of a cordless phone with caller ID, but her plan was foiled by "Unknown Caller" messages, a failure of *69, and the killer using other dead people's phones.

And now, I'm going to totally spoil the ending since it pissed me off the most.

So, the hero of the movie fights her way out of the house and the bad guy gets caught by the cops. Throughout all their struggles inside the house, you never got a clear shot of the killer's face. It was always the back of his head, or his face was out of frame or out of focus. Kind of a neat way to shoot it, but it completly ruined it by showing a slow-motion shot of him in the police car as he pulled away. It lasted no less than 45 seconds. I thought, since it was lasting so long, that he must be someone from earlier in the flick. A teacher in her school? Nope. Not her dad, either. Or the doctor she was babysitting for. Or her cheating boyfriend. Oh, he's got a bad scar... was there any discussion of a scar earlier? No... so who the hell was that guy? Oh, right, a stranger. Hence the title. I would have been more impressed if I never saw his face.

Anyway, I didn't like this horror movie, which is rare for me. It was boring and predictable and catered far too much to the PG-13 audience. Horror should be R.

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