I didn't do anything last night.

I just waited around for phone calls that never came. It was great fun. I took Abby out multiple times, because she drank all her water right after I let her out of her kennel. I was taking her out about every 45 minutes or so, and as it got later and she still never went, I shortened the time. So, finally I take her out and she just stood around as per usual, looking at me, wondering why I was dragging her out there all the time when she didn't have to go. After a few minutes of just standing there, I took her back inside.

I went to the bathroom and Abby followed me there, as per usual, but I locked her out since I prefer to do my business alone. When I opened the bathroom door not even 45 seconds later I see Abby in the spare bedroom pissing all over the floor. She had been inside almost a minute by that point.I started yelling at her, but that just made it worse. She peed and peed and peed. I thought she'd never stop. I'm pretty sure she pissed out more than she drank. I'm not sure how the physics of the thing work, but I'm pretty sure I'm right about that.

I put her leash back on and dragged her outside, shutting the leash in the door so she'd be outside, but couldn't run away. I used about half a roll of paper towels cleaning up the dog urine, then got on my hands and knees and cleaned up the remaining stain with carpet cleaner.

I let Abby back in and she knew what she did was wrong. She stopped trying to get me to pet her and play with her after that incident. Stupid dog.

But she's puking less, which is good. I like it when dogs don't puke.

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