I don't know

I don't know if I can apologize enough for lack of updates here. I've been busy with the girl, with my friends, with my house, my dog, my projects, my running. I really can't wait until this silly marathon training is done and my life can go back to normal as far as my eating/exercise regimen goes.

I did something this weekend I haven't done since my days in Chicago when I had no friends... I saw a movie alone. That's right. Drove to the theater, bought my ticket and soda, and watched a movie without anyone else there. My friends I've mentioned this to think I'm weird and antisocial for this, but I don't see the big deal. I wanted to see Hostel. I called a few people and got little to no interest, no answer, or other plans. So I went alone.

Anyway, Hostel was pretty good, but was a standard gross-out horror that I'm just not into these days. The first 45 minutes was just a set-up with poor characterization, waiting for something to happen. It was similar to Psycho or The Shining, only not done nearly as well with characters not nearly as likeable. The horror wasn't really scary, just gross. Still, I enjoyed it, and I know no one else I could have called would have liked it. I keep reading articles and such about how slasher flicks are making a comeback, but I don't see it. I wish they would. Friday the 13th is my favorite series and is just mindless slashing. Hostel wasn't slasher... it was gross out.

There was a preview for The Hills Have Eyes (also not a slasher), which I'm really looking forward to. Although, c'mon Hollywood, let's make a NEW movie instead of a remake. There's been too many horror remakes these days.

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