I forgot to

I forgot to mention my resolutions this year.

First off, I want to finish my fucking diet. I lost nearly 70 pounds, then gained some back, and stopped exercising. I've already re-started jogging and working out. I want to become more consistent, drop the weight I've gained back, plus drop a few more pounds after that. I've come so far and don't have much further to go as far as my waistline is concerned, and this is the year I finish 'er up.

Second off, I want to get a real job. A salary. A consistent schedule. I want to feel like they pay me enough to do my job, and I don't want to work in retail anymore.

Third, pay off my credit cards. I went from just over $6K down to just under $4K. This is the year I really focus on getting that shit taken care of. Next week I should be able to knock another $500 or so off that, which will be a good start to finishing off this debt.

Fourth, get back on The Screen Savers. That was a fun, free trip.

Fifth, start a side career that makes me a bit of extra money. I do that already, sort of, with random murals and portraits, as well as selling parts of junkmachine. I want some area of my side projects to take off and start making myself some extra money. That should help with resolution #3, as well.

Eat more vegetables.

Other than that, life is grand and I've never been happier. Except for yesterday when I was tired and cranky and didn't get to eat pizza.

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