I forgot to

I forgot to mention Mullens and I joking around about a somewhat trivial event that happened about 6 years ago. We were at Garners with Angie and Steph, eating pizza and watching TV. At one point, I took the parmesan cheese container under the table and unscrewed the top, and left it on the table. Everyone saw me do it, and the lid was on all crookedy and looking completely unnatural. A few seconds later, Mullens, completely engrossed in his TV show, poured the cheese all over his pizza, leaving a huge mountain and no visable slice. Me, Angie, and Steph were laughing so hard we couldn't breathe, but Mullens was unphased. He shook off his pizza and then ate it as if nothing had happened. When I caught my breath, I asked him how it tasted. He replied "Tastes like poopy." We all started laughing again, and Mullens, straight faced, went back to watching his TV show.

So we're at Monicals joking back to that night. A minute later, I pick up the parmesan cheese and spill the entire contents all over my pizza. The only difference was that I didn't have a TV to watch, and I think I laughed harder than anyone. Good times.

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